Trudeau crisis deepens with another ministers resignation

Trudeau crisis deepens with another ministers resignation

It’s another embarrassment for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that at the head of this crisis is his own deputy minister.

Peter MacKay resigned yesterday as Finance Minister and Minister of National Defence, replacing his brother and Stephen Lecce, to lead the government’s efforts to avoid a public backlash if and when it comes to the budget and the federal debt.

Peter MacKay has been involved in the budget debate for more than a year, but he hasn’t yet made significant contributions to the negotiations behind closed doors.

In June, he appeared in question period, saying he wants to be consulted and told MPs that «this government’s position has nothing to do with the current financial situation, and the next government is going to be even stronger.»

He was referring to a promise made in the budget to spend an extra $1 billion in the coming months.

In October, he returned to federal political life on a short-term basis, working in the바카라사이트 department of Natural Resources and the environment in a portfolio he had created in June to improve government communications.

The Liberal caucus has yet to nominate a replacement for him.

On his way out of the Conservative caucus as Finance Mini바카라ster yesterday, the prime minister issued a statement that read: «I have no interest in a leadership campaign at this time. The prime minister remains committed to moving the Canada forward and will remain at the helm of the government until the next election.»

The last few weeks have been dominated by an internal squabble that appears to be cgospelhitzosting the prime minister even more credibility than he would like.

Conservative MPs have repeatedly accused the prime minister of being too cautious in his approach and of trying to avoid public opinion by making tough-talking pronouncements.

In recent weeks, Justin Trudeau has said the budget is the «worst decision ever taken by the government» because of its impact on the economy.

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