Sydney teenager to remain in custody over terror charges Read more

Sydney teenager to remain in custody over terror charges Read more

The court heard the boy arrived at Sydney’s Nottaweeda Police Station with police radio contact on Tuesday, when he was 오바마카지노told an incident had taken place in the area.

He claimed he was at school with friends when he saw two young men, one dressed in black, running from the scene and the other wearing a shirt that said «Jihadists».

Two men approached him and told him the young men had been trying to pick him up for sex, according to court documents.

The boys took him into the bushes.

After being questioned by officers, the boy told officers he was at school to stay in touch with his friends who were on holiday in Australia.

«He told police that the boys asked him to take off his clothes … the boys then threw him down and assaulted him,» magistrate Tony Kelly said.

The boys told the boys they could have picked the boy up anywhere on the beach, the court heard.

When the boys asked to speak to the man with the name «Jihad», the girl gave him her phone number before running out the back door, the magistrate said.

The girl then turned towards the victim and told him the victim would need to call the police if any of the youths didn’t get him, Kelly said.

«I take the issue seriously,» the magistr수원 출장 안마ate said.

«I do not consider this to be a simple sexual assault.»

The alleged victim was initially denied bail but later released to the girl while the boy was questioned. The boy was told to sit in a police car as police continued to interview him.

An officer spotted him walking down the street and ordered him to sit down on a bench. The boy refused and turned away, Kelly said.

Then the officer told the boy to keep looki카지노ng at him and did not say anything more until the officer ran after him, Kelly said.

In the days later, officers went to the school and approached the girls. Both agreed they were not aware of the accused being at school.

The boys initially denied any wrongdoing, but they later agreed to go back to the beach area to explain what had occurred.

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