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One d코인카지노ead in beaufort house fire – witness — RTÉ News (@rtenews) August 2, 2016

Irish National Police has confirmed seven people were injured and have since been placed on hospital beds.

Irish police spokesperson Supt Paul Fitzpatrick says the fire broke out inside an existing house in Castleford.

Three young people are among those who lost their lives in the house fire.

Police confirm four were killed, but one individual in the front room and one person in the stairwell died.

In total, 15 people are currently under police guard.

On Thursday, gardaí confirmed one of their stations in the north of Ireland was on alert.

Two fire engines제주출장마사지 제주안마 and two helicopter바카라 게임s were in the air and are now investigating.

The Department of Health is also sending out an extra 100 officers and the Public Health Department has launched a helpline to provide counselling for any families or people who need it.

A full police response will be sent when a full review of the fire is carried out and an emergency plan is developed.

Source: Ryan Byrne/INPHO News

An aerial view of the Beaherty Estate in Dublin

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