Farmers warned to be locust wary, as they are becoming known to be at high levels

Farmers warned to be locust wary, as they are becoming known to be at high levels

The poll showed that while the number of people worried about the rising number of locusts is falli룰렛ng, it was still far above its historic average.

At 12:00 GMT on Thursday, the poll conducted by Ipsos MORI found that 66% of respondents were worried about the possible consequences of locusts becoming more aggressive, suggesting there was widespread alarm over the problem.

But while 43% of respondents believed the number of locusts was rising at its current rate, 52% said they thought they were less than they had been the past few decades.

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Poll: An Ipsos MORI poll has revealed 62% of people are alarmed about the rising number of locusts and are concerned about their impact

Harmful: There is widespread alarm over the rising number of locusts

In another poll, carried out earlier this week, 40% of respondents said that they feared that the rising number of locusts was about to make the UK a breeding ground for locusts and the government needed to do something about it.

The majority – 51% – wanted to protect the country’s natural environment while the remaining 13% said they wanted to avoid the problem.

The poll suggested that people who are already worried about the issue and fear that it could affect their jobs – a sentiment mirrored by the latest poll of 1,000 Brits.

It showed 57% said they were worried about the high number of locusts in the UK.

It was revealed that the pol파라오 카지노l showed that the number of locusts is rising rapidly, the latest being more than 1,000 in just 20 years, and the worst since the early 1990s, when 1,000 were registered on UK farms.

It was particularly worrying that just 26% of respondents have an opinion as to whether they were already concerned about the problem 마사지 오일and more felt it was more urgent.

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