Council opposes mosque bid

Council opposes mosque bid

But at the Oct. 17 council meeting, councillors voted 4-2 in favor of approving the mosque.

A second mosque, near the existing mosque광주안마 at 814 Queen St., is also a possibility at that location if council is so inclined.

When the council voted to approve the mosque, Coun. David Shiner presented an amendment to allow for further input from community members on a request for further information in order for the city to submit a request for public review. That submission is supposed to be made to the municipal council this spring.

According to Shiner, the community can make up to 25 recommendations on what improvements they would like the council to make to the site. Those suggestions can then be submitt예스 카지노ed for revie안산출장마사지 안산출장안마w and comments should be taken on those, along with other materials, such as photographs, that the city would like the community to share.

City councillors should hear more on that by the end of the week, when it is set for further public comment, according to Shiner.

Coun. Kevin Doherty, whose ward includes Queen, suggested Monday that the proposal should be sent to the city. He called for council to look at «what other options they may have at Queen,» including putting up a marker on the property that says «No.»

A proposed new city-owned condo towers will be built near the two existing mosques, on both sides of Queen and along the existing main road, at two other locations.

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